I was born in Barboursville, Wv but my heart lives in Charleston, SC where the sea breeze refreshes my soul and the golden sunlight dances in the shades of the age old angel oaks. My husband and I are newlyweds with dreams of living near the ocean for YEARS! Earlier this spring, God opened a door that finally made that dream a reality!

Not only will I share weddings, engagements & tips here, I will also be sharing some of what life looks like as we transition to Charleston living!

I'm Kara

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  This is going to be the short version..but really raw. I am going to share some things I haven’t shared with anyone but my close friends and family and some other things that I may as well have shouted from rooftops 😉 In January, I needed a confidence booster, a support system, FAITH & […]

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